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  • Last Man Out by Isabella Adams release date 20 October 2017. 

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What stories live in your mind? What happens in your daily life that screams to be let out to the world?  Write it down! Life is complex, and is better when shared with those around us.

Current Projects:

Coming October 20th: Last Man Out.  Dr. Andromeda Markos, 'Andie,' investigates the murder of a cave diver in one of Florida's underground caves. Set in historical Tarpon Springs, Florida, Last Man Out illustrates life in this coastal town, with the added twist of treachery and murder.

Moving Forward:

Life can get lifey. Working, parenting, supporting loved ones... sometimes it is easy to forget the beautiful things around us. Breathe.  Hug tight those you love, laugh often, and do your best. 

You only get one ride ~ make it a good one.  

Published Pieces

The Communion Chest.  

The Storyteller. Vol. 1. No. 5. 

A dying man, aided by wooden priests,  rights grievous wrongs from the haunted past. 

Izzy's Ideas

Izzy's thoughts, observations, musings and rants. 

Harper's Bizarre

The truth is always stranger than fiction. I know. I've lived it for the last 15 years. This fairytale has castles ~ all made of sand.  My happily ever after morphed into a waking nightmare, and I'm picking up the pieces, sifting through the wreckage to find my way home.  

It's a long way down. 

Take my hand ~ we'll go together. 

Who Are We?

Isabella Adams

Mommy, Physician, Author. Izzy juggles her day (pay) job as a doctor with her real job as the mother of 3, all while squeezing in time for her creative projects. Izzy is a wife, marathon runner, friend to all & loves a timeless strand of pearls. 

All of this insanity happens on the Gulf Coast of FL.

Harper Mancini

Mama, Computer Genius, Undying Fasionista. Harper is a fiercely loyal, full time-part timer who loves her girls, the RHCP, vintage 501's, and designer handbags. Harper is the WebMistress for

She lives and works (plays) & is perpetually late in Not the City, NY.  

We are commited to a safe, positive & inclusive environment

...but we are always up for a little craziness, and a lot of humor.


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