** Coming Soon- Elon, a story about friendship and family**

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Isabella Adams

The second markos mystery is now available!

Dancing for a stranger

Join Andie, Sean, and Stacy as they race against time to save one of their own.

Can Andie and Sean stop a madman before it's too late?

Original video trailer for Dancing For a Stranger

Still Available: Last Man Out

*** Review in Creative Loafing for Izzy ***

Unbeknownst to Izzy, a Creative Loafing reporter was in the crowd at the Last Man Out book launch event. Read what she had to say!

Creative Loafing Review

Last Man Out Video Montage

Donny just wants to find The One...

How many women will he have to kill before he finds her?

Dancing For A Stranger

Five young dancers are found dead, their windpipes crushed by a serial killer. When Aphrodite, a burlesque dancer, interrupts his latest attack, she becomes his new object of desire. Dr. Andromeda Markos, along with Detective Sean Malone, and their childhood friend, Dr. Anastasia Antoniadis, fight to discover the killer’s identity before more women fall victim to his brutal violence. As they close in, the killer’s mind unravels and the friends must race against his tangled psyche in order to save one of their own

Coming Fall 2018

Elon Isabella Adams fantasy

Izzy's first epic fantasy

Born as Other, different from those around her, Elon must find acceptance and family in unexpected places. Now, a new threat challenges her hard-won peace. Called to protect the secular planet she calls home, Elon soon learns that instead of being a cause for exclusion, being Other just might save everything she holds dear.

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What stories live in your mind? What happens in your daily life that screams to be let out to the world?  Write it down! Life is complex, and is better when shared with those around us.

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Never Enough. Readers wanted more Sean Malone, so here he is. Faced with new information about his fathers murder, Sean must confront his past without letting it destroy his future.

Moving Forward:

Life can get lifey. Working, parenting, supporting loved ones... sometimes it is easy to forget the beautiful things around us. Breathe.  Hug tight those you love, laugh often, and do your best. 

You only get one ride ~ make it a good one.  

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Isabella Adams

Mommy, Physician, Author. Izzy juggles her day (pay) job as a doctor with her real job as the mother of 3, all while squeezing in time for her creative projects. Izzy is a wife, marathon runner, friend to all & loves a timeless strand of pearls. 

All of this insanity happens on the Gulf Coast of FL.

Harper Mancini

Mama, Computer Genius, Undying Fasionista. Harper is a fiercely loyal, full time-part timer who loves her girls, the RHCP, vintage 501's, and designer handbags. Harper is the WebMistress for izzyadams.com.

She lives and works (plays) & is perpetually late in Not the City, NY.  

We are commited to a safe, positive & inclusive environment

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