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*Now available* Elon: Journey To Truth

*Now available* Elon: Journey To Truth*Now available* Elon: Journey To Truth

What Readers Are Saying About Last Man Out

This Could Be A Movie.

This Could Be A Movie.

This Could Be A Movie.

"[Last Man Out] is a well-written novel that sucks you in from page 1. I loved reading about the Greek Orthodox community and the suspense and pacing is great. The characters are well-developed and likable, in spite of their flaws." 

Very Enjoyable Read

This Could Be A Movie.

This Could Be A Movie.

"This is a well-constructed mystery. It's set in Florida and centered around divers and treasure. The characters are believable and so are the mystery's elements. Mystery fans will enjoy the nice mixture of high adventure in a relaxing setting. Overall, it's a very enjoyable read."

Genuine Nail Biter

This Could Be A Movie.

Genuine Nail Biter

Well written, good pace. Never gets slow or boring. Some of the scene were genuine nail biters, and kept you invested in the characters throughout. Loved loved loved it.

Praise for Dancing For A Stranger


"Artfully Suspenseful!"

"I absolutely love this series and again cannot wait till the next one comes out. Read this one in two sittings. The writer keeps you on the edge of your seat and always keeps your involved in the storyline. Can’t say enough good things. I highly recommend !!!"

"Great Characters!"

"Isabella Adams’ “Dancing for a Stranger” continues the Markos Mystery series that began with “Last Man Out.” The characters I grew to love in book one are back- along with some new ones- most notably the villain of the piece- Donny! The story identifies him (only by his first name) as the perpetrator at the beginning of the novel, and progresses to slowly peel back the layers of his personality as the police and Dr. Andromeda Markos (Andi) rush to identify (and capture!) him before he strikes again.
The character of Aphrodite was a minor player in the first book, but she is brought to the forefront in this latest work. She is a strong independent and determined woman--a professional dancer who supplements her income by “dancing for strangers” in a seedy stripper dive. This leaves her exposed to the attentions of the murderer as she manages to become the only surviving witness of any of his attacks.
As always with Ms. Adams, the dialog is well done and believable, and her characters are well thought out and impeccably developed. It’s hard to imagine a more disparate group of friends, and yet their personalities mesh seamlessly- even in turmoil, they gravitate to one another and form a protective ring of mutual respect and support.
If you enjoy a good intelligent mystery, you’ll love this book! If you like a tale that illuminates the joy and comfort of true friendship, while reflecting the raw underbelly of evil, you’ll love this book! As a teaser, perhaps Andi will finally find her happiness, and soon! The author leaves us in suspense there--patiently waiting for book 3!"

"Out Of The Cave And Onto The Stage ~ A Must Read!"

"Isabella Adams hits it out of the park (cave) with her 2nd novel in the Markos Murder Mystery Series!
Love the characters ~ it’s like we’re already friends. Dancing For a Stranger is the perfect thriller ~ a little bit of “creepy” and a whole lot of awesome. Anxiously awaiting the next book! Book death is hard...but this book is worth reading multiple times. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the “gang” from Tarpon Springs next."

"Get Into The Head Of A Killer."

"Loved this read. A can’t-put-it-down serial killer read. I love how the author got into the killers head. Comparable to so many true crime novels I’ve read. I can’t wait for more from this author."

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