Tonya Kozminski

Tonya is a mom and a physician, and works with Izzy to illustrate her work and make it come alive

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Sharron Mason

Dr. Sharron Mason spent her early life as an Air Force brat.  She grew up in a large family where she learned early to be adaptable, always readjusting to a new place or a new style of life.  She also learned the value of creating a home with nothing more than what you have in front of you.  

When she’s not working as a physician, or caring for her grandchildren, Sharron loves to try every new crafting idea Pinterest throws her way.  Her crayon painting found life as a happy mistake, a Pinterest Fail, as she likes to say.  In her attempt to craft a melted crayon rainbow, she discovered her talent for creating moving and engaging artwork.  Encouraged to continue by thousands of women around the globe, Sharron now shares her art with the world.